100 years Indonesia, think to thinks about

Indonesia flag

Yesterday, 2008 May 20 Indonesia celebrated 100 years national

ressurection and it was generated by Budi Utomo’s action which he make

an organization that will be sooner burned teen spirit to have a spirit

of freedom, make Indonesia have a freedom.

It was awesome. Its celebrate  totally wonderful, from the show

celebration and President’s speech, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

“Indonesia bisa!”-“Indonesia can!”, that was the main word i heard and

many talented student which won international olmpyade show off.

Astronomic winner, physics winner, mathematic winner and so on with

wear black tuxedo entered Bung Karno Stadium.

I am proud to be here. In Indonesia. Just look a next generation, to be

exactly “a gold generation” of Indonesia which have taken many prestige

medal competition. And i can’t imagine that what Yohanes Surya’s dream.

A nobel getter.

Getting a nobel is the one of every human dream. His or her name will

be assigned in honored place, the same place which ALbert Einstein took

a place, and the other outstanding people around the world. 

If it happen, Indonesia will proud if their children can be one of

them. The seed is begun to rise. How awesome! If it happen, Indonesia

will have the same level with Japan, China, Singapore.

But my most fearest feeling is, Other country try to recruit “the gold

generation of Indonesia” and persuade them to change Indonesia citizen

to that country citizen. And now, my fearest is proven.

How sadden!

If it still continued, i don’t know what will happen to Indonesia next.

A seed that will produce gold is taken away by another country. Key

holder to make Indonesia have better tommorrow is taken away by another


Now, what will Indonesia do to prevent this accident, the big accident

to make this country still survive in world competition?

I hope what all i did, do, and will do will make Indonesia better, even

it in small percentage. And also, to achieve my dream, <secret>l,

3*10^8 and looking Indonesia prosperous.

I hope!


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