Waiting for landing, 16 January 2013
16 January2013, In plane, after awesome trip in Germany (Schkopau) and Poland (Kamien-Gorzow)

Call me Andreas for short. born in Sukowono, a village located nowhere in Jember-East Java, Indonesia. Actually, it is closer to Bondowoso 😀

Anyway, from my good friend, Sukowono means “forest village” or “village surrounded by trees”. And it is! You can hear birds singing in the morning, crowing of the rooster in the morning.. The sound of the sparking water in the river which sometimes compete with the “dancing” crop in the field and “moow” of the cows (but recently I notice Trondheim offers much more). When the clock hits 6 AM, shop in my house is in the business down up to 5 PM. People come everyday to ask for usual things we sell (electronics) and some ask unusual goods (crayon, mop, tire, window, hoe o_O). On top of that, these kind of people make us smile, which is invaluable joy during the business hours.

Not only my shop, others also with their commodity. It is fun to watch road filled with cars, motorcycle, pedicab and people passing by. Ok, that is about my lovely hometown. Oh yes, one of my dream is putting Sukowono into wikipedia list, so that people from other part of the world will get information if they want to visit this city. I hope I can make it later!

Driving by lot of curiousity about law of nature, I took Engineering Physics as my bachelor degree in Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Surabaya. Surabaya is capital city of East Java, 2nd most populated city in Indonesia.

Feeling not enough with what I have so far in four-year education, I decided to continue my study. I was accepted in Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet (NTNU), Trondheim. I studied physics in here with lovely friends and great environment. By the way, I had my student-web, provided by NTNU. It is just a simple one-page containing my information and some news. Please have a visit too: NTNU Homepage of Andreas Liudi Mulyo.

Ok, but my favourite course was listed under electronics department, which was about optics and photonics. Also, it came in my mind that study semiconductor also quite “mind-blown” for me. That was the reason why I like those courses.

So, here I am, after longing for the electronics department due to its interesting course, finally I got accepted as a researcher in trainee a.k.a PhD programme in this department. I have never ever been thinking that I will be back with new project which I can guarantee 100 % challenging as well as exciting.

And I do not have any idea what will encounter me in the future and this clumsy blog is dedicated for my unique journey, interesting experience and of course lot of English written practice 😀


Ah, I make my new homepage and keeping also the old design.

Thanks for visiting!

Updated on 14 May 2014

History of site title and tagline:

2007-2014 Site title: Hmmm… tagline: ???

May 2014-April 2015 Site title: re-start tagline: set out new day with new mind

April 2015-… Site title: andrliu tagline: a pile of my a-ha moment, feeling and emotion (thought) throughout my PhD journey

Updated on 25 April 2015


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