Story from the shoes

Note: this writing material is purely my opinion, based on my personal experience for the last two weeks periods 🙂

Just like I wrote on my last paragraph in my previous post, I had annoying experience concerning with water and shoes. Owning good (normal and proper) shoes have never been comfortable like this. Besides covering your feet, the good shoes also provide well, pleasant and safe transportation from one place to another, no matter what the situation is. The ultimate goal is, you will arrive in your destination with an enjoyable and extraordinary experience.

Whaaattt? Enjoyable experience? Extraordinary experience? Yes, I think so. I believe walking with the water inside your shoes is bad idea 🙂 Enjoying sunrise and sunset while walking, feeling the breeze of the wind, watching the clear sky, inhaling the taste of spring season and listening to the bird’s singing are one of the best things to do in life, of course non of them will come true with wet feet 😦






NTNU main building (NTNU hovedsbygningen) a.k.a Harry Potter building
NTNU main building (NTNU hovedsbygningen) a.k.a Harry Potter building

You can listen to the bird’s chirping, which I recorded with my phone several days ago: link1, link2 (play it it VLC player)

Or, even the piano (It is not me who play it, of course. I recorded piano performance of my friend last Sunday), I can hear it with much awesome feeling: link (play it it VLC player)

Everything has its own special attractions when I put more detail in it, put more thankful for everything we see, listen, feel, sense or eat 🙂

I think I am bit of exaggerating this point. Well.. yeah, maybe.. but this is my point. Most of the time, I am too busy with my life, without realizing that there are many small aspects in my life needed to be thankful. I often complain, grumble, sigh, mutter, protest, whine, complaint regarding my situation. Well.. I am a human being, since it is natural to do: when I get something I want, I will smile and happy; when I get nothing from my expectation, I will do the opposite thing. Meaning that, my joy will be decided only in short time, just in the result, not in the process of obtaining it. Argh, life is hard if it is like this.

From this shoes incident, I learn that giving thanks in every things I have is very important. I don’t think that I will realize value of the matter until it loss its functionality, even it has small value in my life.. such a wet feet due to the broken shoes.. 😦

Big and tall building are started with the material such as stone, wood, glass and so on, so that they are combined to be what architects and engineers want, of course by a detail plan. I think my life is the same. I am “building” my own life, to be as tall as I want or in another word, according to my life purpose. The building process, of course, composed of my plan and things which happened in my life, as a reaction to the action I give. Through complaining, I unconsciously put “wrong and unsuitable” material in my life. It is not wrong actually, but maybe bit deviating from what it is supposed to be. If it builds up continuously, the “building” in my life will become fragile enough so that by the time external pressure applied, everything will collapse and fall into pieces… I don’t want it to be happen…

As I give thanks, I will have soon arrive in different perspectives. Everyday I make mistakes, intentionally or not, to friends and myself. No one can deny it. The most important thing is, I can learn from my mistake and fix it. Through all of these nuisances, I learn something and start developing to be a better person. In relating to my illustration, it is like that I manage to use and put “material in right place”. Slowly but sure, I build our dream in the right track. How can I be entrusted with something big, if there is no effort of learning and gratification in small things?

So, the rule of thumb is:

Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.

A Friend of mine – J.C

Quite simple, huh?

Concerning small matters which are deserved to be thanked for, I remember one of the biggest author in the history, named Moses, wrote in the chapter of psalm,

So teach us to number our days,
That we may gain a heart of wisdom.

Ah! I realized its meaning, even though small part of it: reflecting what I have done, take the essence of it and concluded by giving thanks for everything I get. All of these will be adding knowledge of life, so that I become a better person days by days.

In the end, I will put more effort (to learn) reducing complain, grumble, sigh, mutter, protest, whine and complaint.

And no wet shoes any longer 😉


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