What Is The Meaning Of Being A Friend? Part III

waiting for confirmation

Yes???? or No???? That’s the voice i want to know… What gonna to say? God… I am panicked. Wait and wait for a quater of second and i predict he won’t help me. After that, really, i am not gonna forget an answer in whole of my life… He saih “Yes, iam gonna come to your place”. I am saved today and i don’t have any comment. I feel my hearts will stop for 2-3 seconds :). Unpredictible.

He even let his work to be last priority because he make my problem to be solved first. I have made him inconvenience, but he said that he will sure he weill help me without any weight. Thanks Lord, i am saved again. Surely,  i don’t have a mind to disturb him and i  can’t imagine why he won’t let me suffering alone? Why and why?

Just look at me…. I am egoist… If i were Mr. Acien i wouldn’t help me (arghhhh, confusing!!!!)

What gonna should i do? What is my next “to-do”?

And it revealed in my next writings….

to be continued….


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