A Miracle Means… (1)

What do you think about miracle? Someone said water become grape, someone said making blindman see, someone said making deadman live again… Well that’s a miracle, and no one doubt about it. People will agree that man who judged by doctor that his or her life remain a year or less, but the fact he or she still survive more than one year like what the docter said. It’s unreasonable, it’s out of logic, so what do you think? Agree or disagree? I agree. But that not the absolute value to measure what is miracle, according to me. Have you watched “Bruce Almighty”? It has taught me what is a miracle.
Bruce who his life is messing up and don’t have good position on his job, losing compete with his friend, then what happen? He so depresed and hope a magic touch fall unto him. Hoping he can live in prosperity, without any suffering, instantly… He angry to GOD… suddenly GOD offer him good deal. “Will you replace ME in MY job?” Said GOD… and of course bruce agree! (to be continued)


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