I want to return to the basic matter

The last two weeks, I have encountered two papers discussing about the Miller indices in the hexagonal structure (wurtzite). I spent almost total one hour to understand it. I can’t believe I took that long time! My conscious of comprehension in crystallography lied to me. That’s it, conscious is not the same with facts. That is the reality.

My first time in learning crystallography was six years ago. Well, I just memorized the basic of crystallography and it looked simple that time. One of them was Miller indices. I knew it but did not understand what it was actually mean.

Then I took course in 2011 and recently 2014. Part of these courses dealt with Miller indices. Again, it was just passing my mind. Nothing so special about this section that really memorable to me.

Then last week, I read a paragraph in one paper. The authors of that paper used selected area diffraction technique (TEM) to analyze the crystal structure and the lattice constant. It was strange number at the beginning and after spending an hour, I finally discovered where that number came from. Note: One hour!

In the next few posts, I think I want to write short note about the crystallographic, which I am now trying to appreciate. Though it is bit basic, but I discover that it is really helpful to me. I find out this website is really amazing to re-visit the concept of crystallography.


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