Getting rid of prejudice

Living together with other person under the same roof is not simple at all. There are many things to consider in order to maintain such conducive moment, so that one from home can give great impression as a start in the beginning of the day and when the day is ended, one can relax peacefully.

As most people out there, I believe that living together with other people can be found to be difficult. People are different one to each other. It does not matter whether they come from the same country (the same culture) or other countries (the distinct culture), rules are needed to retain what must be done or what are prohibited.

With the specified rules being agreed by these people, then the rest is up to the will to execute the rules. For me, this is what I call “external rules”. If there are external rules, there must be also internal rule. The internal rule is simple: reflection. I think this is more important than the external rules which can be changed over time and place. Let’s say that I need to move from one house to another or migrate from one country to another. They have completely different “external rules”. But the internal rule is still the same: reflection.

I define “reflection” as the act that someone must take to reflect why something still goes wrong after the external rules have been well executed. This kind of attitude also can avoid being judgmental and prejudiced, which are very important factor in living together with other people. Once someone’s brain is filled with judging and prejudice, one can be having negative influence in their surrounding. The people who are living around can feel it, regardless how smart they can hide it.

I am reminded with the Words from Matthew:

Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?

All I can say is that, getting rid of prejudice can be started with reflection. I realize that this is very important by the experience I had last week.


For the past two months, I have been living alone until one new guy came and started to live with me. The first thing was, after he came, my room got some really weird smell. Then, I judged directly at him as a cause for this smell. Being uncomfortable with the situation I had that time, I was thinking what to say to him.

Fortunately enough, I tried to reflect first before telling him what was in my mind. After some examinations, I began to believe that the real source for this smell came from my room. It was not easy at the beginning to acknowledge that “this is my fault, not him”. I was ashamed to myself for having bad impression to someone who has not done any mistake to me. Since then, I realize that reflecting on why this happened is really important to find out the actual problem.

I think this is also can be applied not only in the apartment, but also in the society. Getting rid of prejudice is somehow similar to denying your own opinion, which is not very comfortable for me. Well, being humble to yourself and other people is one key to have and sustain serenity among human being.


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