Things we can and can’t

I am confused how to start this post.. But let’s start, shall we?

Do you know? One of my biggest regret in my life is not able to speak, read and write in Chinese. I can tell you, how many times I face situations where I felt embarrassed as the Chinese approached me, asked me about something in Chinese. My response will be always like this, “Err.. Can you switch to English?” or “I can’t speak in Chinese, I am sorry” These two sentences are always my “weapon” when I do not know what to reply them XD

The second point is not getting any musical ability. My siblings can play a bit of piano, but I? Hah! I am done with that. The only thing I can do is sing a song with my lousy voice XD

It is pitiful, isn’t it?

Well, those two are top two items among others. I have numbers of remorse within my life. It is always coming later, those guilty feeling. Always.

My several items:

Recently, I met a friend who is very brilliant in Philosophy. He is not studying Philosophy after all, but he remembered lot of well-known Philosophers from several era as well as their well-known work. I could not do like what he does.

I am terrible speaker, especially when it comes to English :p

Getting bad grade for your course is something which bothers quite a lot. Why? That is because of the energy you have poured for the whole semester, which is averagely 4 months comes in vain. You need to start over next year.

As my highlight in my previous post, that friend will never be with you all the time. Some day, they will go. A new friend will come. In the future, they will go, and this cycles are endless… They are not the same to each other. They are special. Friends are… function of time.. I mean physically, as they are always within you, emotionally.

Now, I know what you are thinking…

You can’t stop the time. Seconds will keep ticking.


In this circumstances, does it mean that I am giving up? Simple answer: No.

There is still one thing we can do. Instead of focusing in what we can not do, I think it is better to have focus on “what is more important?”

Having this kind of way of thinking, maybe for most people, it is like a cliche where I just run away from what the thing I can’t do. Fine, it is their opinion. But from my case, I need something to push myself outside from my comfort zone.

What is important? It will take my way of thinking toward a new idea which I have not thought before. It challenges me in getting a possibilities of new stuff. Though it is not working sometime, but at least I have shifted my focus to the thing I feel it is important.

What is important? For me, I have my dreams, family and dearest friends. Whenever circumstances are not supporting me, I will only see those which are important to me.

It does take time, but am I going to give up? No

Nobody knows what will happen in the future, When sometimes we think that it will come in this way, suddenly it is altered to another. But who knows? It is your hope that makes you stand out. To what or whom do you put your hope on?

For my personal opinion, I am totally agree with the sons of Korah (Psalm 42:11)

By thinking what is important, we can see that this life -moment of time- must not be taken for granted. Talking about “not to be taken for granted”, my mind suddenly filled with my family and dearest friends. If you do realize that you are on the limit, especially when it comes to families and friends, you have to treasure them, think of what is important matter that you can do with them and hope in God that He will take care them for you. Never-ever make this kind of regret.

Sorry for my awful and unstructured English or argument, this post is kind of “rush” post from me.


Copenhagen, 17 August 2014*

*in celebration of 69th Indonesia independence day, hoping that I can take part for my nation resurrection in the coming future.


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