Preview for my second month

Ok, I am really behind my schedule to post this. Here are the things took place from 17 April through 17 May 2014:

1st week

  • My first Easter week in Trondheim as a PhD student. Living a second chance of life in the same city has given me a bit of different perspective on how going through it. To appreciate the 7-day off (Easter-spring break), I went for two-day away from Trondheim, to Surnadal, staying in a house with more than 100 years old of history, witnessing many important events in the local area.
That view!
That view!
  • My off-days were accompanied with lunch invitation by friend of mine. What a nice day! I spent almost 6 hours in my friend’s place, doing nothing :p
  • During the Easter day, on Sunday, I helped a friend to run a Sunday school. But it was a suicide attempt as I do not have “enough” Norsk speaking ability. As you can see, I just did some body language to communicate and… a desire to learn Norsk has been growth. The day after, last day of vacation was spent in helping a family who moved out to new place.

2nd week

  • One of my flatmate celebrated a birthday. It was nice to share the joy together. The day after, I visited another Indonesian family who returned back to Indonesia for good, dedicating their life for the country. I am looking forward to hear news from them soon!
  • Ah, one day was the time I needed to have graphene electronic bandgap visualized and the result was still not like what I want! Well, let’s move to another part of interest.
  • Finally, our small apartment has our own microwave, but though it is an old microwave (and insanely heavy!), its performance is still on the top!
  • Finally, the sun had come out from its hideout. After Church meeting, I spent 2 hours with my friend, sitting around and enjoying the sun. Lol, something I will not do in Indonesia :p

3rd week

  • My very 1st draft of research proposal has been done. It was terrible :))
  • Invitation on 1st May. It was also goodbye dinner for a friend, leaving Norway on 4 May. He is going to marry soon in this summer! Almost 3 hours we spent together. The day after, I had invitation for another dinner. Two days in a row!
  • Voluntary work? I did by helping a little in cleaning one room in the Church :))

4th week

  • Wow, my 2nd draft was finished. Still terrible, but at least better. The day after, it was a full-day seminar about PhD introduction, outside of NTNU.
  • Next days in a row: 3rd group meeting, and I was passively participating the discussion. Commemorating a PhD defense of Indonesian friend. Easter celebration in Indonesian Bible Study. On Sunday, the Church’s main pastor moved to another city and a farewell party was held. I heard they had a big feast.. Ooh, where was I? Oversleeping in my room :p
  • 2nd day of PhD introductory seminar, and it was held in NTNU. The day after was another fascinating seminar: working with Norwegians.
  • In this week, the group had a big event where one of the PhD student was going to defend his work and after that, he was officially received a Doctoral degree. Congratulation!
  • And in the end, 17 May, a constitusional day of Norway was celebrated. So much fun!
200 years of Norwegian constitusional celebration (It is my friend who took this nice photo. I will borrow for a bit :D )
200 years of Norwegian constitusional celebration (It is my friend who took this nice photo. I will borrow for a bit :D)

Well, I am looking forward for the third month 🙂


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