Life perspective from pair of shoes

Life from the shoes perspective One step taken and the journey started!
Life from the shoes perspective. One step taken and the journey started!

It is interesting though, from the shoes accident, I brought up a paragraph. Even more, I extract some experience from it, appreciate every detail and give thanks for it. Now, I am going to write another version of it, which I have thought about it during Easter holiday in here (the broken shoes took place in those days).

And I promise this is the last one 🙂

Each of us has our own shoes size, preferred brand and preferred price. The facts are that we have our own favor, which we can’t determine other people to use like what we use. All we can do is giving them advice, and it fully depends on them, as a matter of freedom of thinking: take it or leave it.

I think that, picking up shoes is somehow similar when we choose what kind of life we want to be in the future.

Using right shoes will deliver us to the place we want in enjoyable adventure and of course, safe way. In the other hand, picking up wrong shoes will bring us to horrible situation.

So, each of us has different goals in this life and to achieve that goals, I believe at least we have something in our mind to set it to become reality. For those who does not like abstract stuff, they prefer to sit down and write on the paper, plan for it, from the general matter up to detail ones. They are trying to “choose their shoes and examine them” whether it fit them based on internal factor (ability, hobby, family, education) and external factor (society expectations, friends).

In living our life, there are many mistakes we often made in the past, and somehow it is repeated again and again and again… Friends can contribute great impact for living our life. It is extremely important to have friends with constructive view of points, open and honest toward us. Sometimes they point out that we put wrong shoes or not good enough for the journey we are embarking on. It is not so practical, inconvenience and annoyed by the time we have to revised all of our plan from the beginning. Positive inputs or suggestions have never been relaxing us, right? It challanges us to step out from our comfort zone.

After all, it depends on us whether we take that suggestion or not: So, my friend suggested me  to take one very nive shoes whose price is triple compared to what I have before T.T Yes, they are out of my mind! But, for sake of my feet to be redeemed from any future inflammation of the skin, I took that advice. So far, it has been suited perfectly with me! I am grateful afterall, enjoying how birds are chirping in the morning 🙂

Friends can be the guidance and reminder to keep this life in track. Sharing story, exchanging views, Expressing agree and disagree about something: they have put their marks in our hearts, enriching this life. Even though they can’t help solving your problem for instances, their presence alone bringing themselves as a listeners are enough to lift up our burden. It is just… they are there for you and you for them, being together to face the same obstacles.

Wolverine and Stitch (
Wolverine and Stitch (
Floppy disk and magnetic tape (
Floppy disk and magnetic tape (

Maya Angelou, an American poet once said interesting stuff which I can relate to a friendship,

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Well, I am agree with that.


Thanks for reading!


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