Knowledge at its best

Hi all,

All of us have been educated for many years, both in formal education institutions (elementary school up to university) and informal institution, err… community to be precised.

Have we ever been wondered, what is the point of the education we had in the formal institutions? In a straightforward way of speaking, it supposed to be benefitting the society we are living, directly or indirectly.

In my opinion, knowing and understanding something is not enough. Learning is fun, but making it more helpful, or able to utilize it for the people has its own satisfication. It feels like bringing me up to the advanced level. After all, those will become a new knowledge.

All the researchers do the same. They will learn things (read journals and try to absorb the experience as much as possible) from the past and present, try to understand it, and then start to think how to develop them into something that useful for the human kind.

Not only matters related to the research fields, all the people outside this area, I am sure that they have the same objectives.

I remembered with one occasion where my 3.5-year-old cousin had the ability to spell, from a-z. He succeeded in spelling the words, but was not able to pronounce it correctly. Instead, he screamed the word he knew for that object. Here is the illustration:

Of course, without knowing how to use it :)
Of course, without knowing how to use it 🙂

So, with 1+1=2, what can you do for the goodness of the people around you?


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