My name is Andreas and I am proud of it! :)

The title should be, “My name is Andreas and I am proud of it! By the way, I am Indonesian, not Norwegian”

Anyway, the title should be short, right? The point of this article should be the last sentence 😀

As usual, today I had a lab activity in NTNU nanolab, doing a measurement of Hall bar height, measuring the dimension of my sample and having a short demonstration of SEM machine. All were going well, and no error or anything regarding the sample which I have grown and processed it started a month ago. NTNU nanolab showed its magnificent equipment again today to me, in which I, as a “villager” of technology or we called “ndeso” in Indonesian (the word comes from “desa” meaning “village”) :p

Starting with the profilometer, a machine used to measure the height of the Hall bar. At a glance, it looks like a microscope. The difference only located in the existence of the tip as a probe to the sample. It is soo small, so that I can break easily. In this machine, I managed to get the precised measurement of the three dimensions of my sample. From the top is the metal part, the middle part is the etched result and the bottom part is just merely a substrate (Hope I am not wrong. I will let you know if I make a mistake). How much this machine does cost actually?

The second machine I used was the light microscope. Err, of course with high resolution. This where my stupidity came. Since the one of the lab activity of today was to introduce the SEM machine, I just spontaneously said to the teaching assistant, “Is it SEM?” XD


Finally, the last machine was the SEM machine, produced by Hitachi and it was awesome! This was my interaction for the first time with the SEM machine, and I have to say it was great! Since it uses electron instead of light, the machine gives much higher resolution compared with the light microscope. In this machine, I had opportunity to see my sample under magnificent magnification and I was able to notice the height difference from it by tilting little bit of the sample holder. After that, I analyzed the sample, and by just one click, the computer gives lot of information concerning the atomic composition the the sample. OMG!

Sadly, I forgot to save the SEM picture, just as my own documentation. Hfft.. Probably, I will do that in the future :p

Oh yeah, the teaching assistant asked where I came from. I replied to him that I come from Indonesia. Suprisingly, he thought that I was adopted and became a Norwegian, since my first name is Andreas, and my last name is Liudi Mulyo, which is not “European” taste. Ah, 30% of Norwegian thought that I was adopted when I was kid, lol

After I explained to him that “Andreas” is Indonesian name, adapted from Dutch, he understand better than before. And in the end, he concluded,

“Ah, I see.. Your parents must have known that you will be in Norway someday, so they gave you this name when you were born.”

Lol, I am laughing when heard his statement.


My name is Andreas, and I am proud of it!

By theway, I am Indonesian, not Norwegian :p


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