Semiconductor quote :D

This semester, I am taking a course called “Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology”. My motivation taking this kind of course is that because of the uniqueness I find in semiconductor. Last semester, I took similar course, named “Semiconductor physics” but it is more in theoretical and deeper in mathematical. One of the sub-chapter in semiconductor physics discussed about how the semiconductor was being manufactured. But you know, since that sub-chapter more practical, or more information-oriented, I did not pay too much attention, as well as the teacher that time. He just advised us, “If you want to know deeper about this topic, you can take course called Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology”.

Well, I am taking that right now, and lot of new stuff I have learnt so far, and looking forward for the other interesting and challenging stuff from this course.

The book from this course also I find it awesome. The course uses book by Michael Quirk and Julian Serda, with the same title as this course: Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology. If you are interested, you can see the official website of the book: You can buy it from here.

At this point, I am reading chapter 9, “IC fabrication process overview”. In the introduction part, there is a sentence that “tickle” my mind,

This is presented to help the reader gain a better understanding and appreciation for semiconductor manufacturing

I am a electronic consumer, who always complain why my device works so bad. As a result, I just hit it to the table, or floor or another object, with hope that they will work again :p

After some pages read that chapter, I realized that there are too much step to proceed the wafer from just substrate, to become one small part of semiconductor. Howaa, I will try to appreciate you my device 😀


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