Hello World! (Err… Again?)

Well, hello folks!

Another year for new post! I need to put more serious commitment for my blog 😦

Honestly, my preferences is to share my writing to anyone, regardless what the context is. I do not know why I want to do that, but I just feel comfortable when I have a chance to share my thought to people. Contradict with that, my will to realize it not strong enough, and as the result… No blog update -_-”

Yes yes, my fault, please don’t blame me anymore. Anyway, no one blame you Andreas, so don’t worry.

I admire two of my friends who update their blog regularly, and they become my role model. Two of them are:




Every week, I check those blogs which sometimes give me a boost or motivation to start a day. As human, I have a lot of to complain about, and I am glad that I am not alone, they share how they fight for their life, and survive!

I believe this is the power of writing.

Regardless of that, The past one year has filled with the awesomeness.

Up down up down down down down down and ap up and UP!

Maybe those words can describe how my life in the past year was :p

Anyway, I think something to be updated every week. I just need to find my commitment back again to my soul 🙂




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