Latex in wordpress

Oh, cool! let’s try this function,

\nabla H = \frac{\delta D}{\delta t}

Oh, that equation is the first equation of the Maxwell equation. It is one of the “must-have-in-mind” equation for me, since I started studying applied photonics and electro-optics this last three semester. It is very interesting for me, though quite hard, since I was not that familiar with it in my bachelor degree. I force myself to learn in in this master level.

This equation has a kind of “family”, they are:

If you consider the first one is the father, then the mother is:

\nabla E = - \frac{\delta B}{\delta t}

And the son is:

\nabla E = 0

Finally, the daughter is:

\nabla H = 0

Anyway, this is how I study them :p

Analogy makes easier, doesn’t it? The point is, I can write mathematical equation in wordpress now 🙂

I think I will off to bed now. I need to go to class tomorrow morning.

See you!


Edit (11/2/13): Woah, please don’t ask me what the meaning of those 4 equations above. Due to its importance in this field, I make a commitment to investigate them. So, stay tune 🙂


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