You are not alone

Three events were sparking this post. Anyway, I had this idea since one and half weeks ago, and intented to publish in last Sunday, but at that time, I was not sure about what I want to write in here. Maybe.. Because of the third “candle”, it is setting off “light” that I have to write and publish this blog.

“Andreas, I almost cry after I finished my last examination. I had actually… did a good thing on first part, but at the second part, I did not. I felt that I was doing wrong on it. Since that, I could not eat and sleep well. Ask her, she knows everthing”, A friend of Zambia told me.
“Yeah, she almost cry when I was in her room.”, said friend who comes from Poland.
A little conversation was enriching our journey from Moholt, opening something in my mind.. Deep there..
This was the first ignition

At that evening, I got telephone from a friend of mine. Everything that had been occured, already happened to me before. I know what it feeled. Yeah, exactly.. In details..
And this was the second sparked light

We are chocolate-christmas-made-purpose. Only 5 of us, but.. we are not alone!
We are chocolate-christmas-made-purpose. Only 5 of us, but.. we are not alone!

“I felt down.. Frustated.. I am not sure about taking Quantum Mechanics again. Even for the -Introductory part-, I am not able to solve it..”, I said it unconsciously. A confession from the heart, an unusual thing I did.
“What did you say? You can do it! Do not give up in first shot! It is hard to begin with, I have already experienced it.. All you just need is lot of exercises.. If you are already coming down at this level, how can you reach the higher one? Do not let this makes you down! Stand strong, and keep continue building your wall!” The last ignition from a French friend.

Somehow for me, these three events, not just happened coincidently. These circumstances make me believe, that a friend is there and existed, for you and me, no matter what happened to you. In happy situation, in bad situation, whether you are in top position, or even in your worst state. A friend there, so you are not alone..

They know what we experienced, they know what we heard, they know what we saw, they know what we felt.. Not because to boast to his or her friend, or just merely show off.. It is just simply because of the same thing happened to them. They know what it looks like, our pain, our hearts, our feeling when we get that, happy or sad, success or failed.. They all know it, because they experienced it first.
A friend is someone who will laugh with us, and cry with us..
So you are not alone.. In facing your problem.

“You know this song Andreas? “What a friend we have in Jesus”.. Reflecting back this song, why should I worry? Jesus already bear it for me..” My Zambia friend said, just few minutes before we reach the destination place.
Now, I become more understand, the reason why Jesus must be in the world, became a flesh… He had felt everything I felt, is feeling or will feel: My passion, my glory, my temptations, my painful heart, my grief.. what else should I mention? Is it not something that “wow” sensation, that everytime I come to Him, confess my weaknesses, my experience.. Or just simply my daily life.. At this point, I realized that I am not alone.

The remnants of Sunday stamina, at least.. I finish this writing.

All glory be to God.


2 thoughts on “You are not alone”

  1. what a beautiful of a friendship..i just found this blog, and i’m amazed in the way you wrote the story. Just realized that this friend of mine are a cool writer.

    Keep it up, boy 😀

    1. Hehe, I have learnt a lot from your previous notes on facebook. Until now, I am still learning from it 😀
      Glad if my experience could bless you. You too, keep writing and I am eagerly want to read your next notes 🙂

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