I am amazed.. Once again

(Edited: This post started written in 29 December 2011, and intended to continue in 31 December 2011, but in fact, I was totally forget :p)

It was like ordinary night, just 2 days before new year in Trondheim. I started to prepare myself going for discussion with some friends. Running to catch bus that willing to wait for me running from the edge of street for about 15 seconds 😀

I never expected anything from this discussion.

Begun with the typical Christmas story, Little Baby Jesus born in Betlehem: Abruptly, our conversation was on Adam and Eve, in which they got trapped in sin. A new Adam created, to cleanse our sin-He born to save us.

The question: Does God know if Adam and Eve will trapped in sin? And if He knows, why He insist to create Adam and Eve? Or why He does not make Adam 100 % obey God command? Or just simply took off the tree of the knowledge so that they did not eat it?

He knows all of these things will happen: Adam and Eve ate that fruit, persuaded by serpent, was aware they naked, running away from God’s call while holding apronlike girdles from sewed fig leaves, made long coats of skins-and the Word became human-Little Baby Jesus born in Betlehem.

He has the grand design.

I am deserve in punishment because I did sins, I am unworthy. I did something wrong in my past, lot of things. But I am saved, because of God’s grace upon me, through His Son.


In the end of discussion, we prayed, strengthened each other, and yup, we have our own problems, but we felt peace.. Faith and belief to start and face tomorrow..

Once again, The Child is born for us..

Praise and Thanks be to God!


4 thoughts on “I am amazed.. Once again”

  1. wow, I really love your blog! It’s so great to read about your expiriences in Norway 🙂 keep up the good work. Blessings!

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