Christmas 2011 In A Matter Of Finger

So.. Here I am, first time in my life celebrating Christmas in Europe.. Umm, not yet, still 6 days after (too fast :D, can’t hold it more)

What so special memorizing Christmas in Europe? First is of course.. Snow! I have wondered what snow is, what its shape looks like and how it feels (Feel? Yup! In some occassion I ate it one or two times, depend on the wind XD)

Second is.. Hmm.. I think it depends in where you lives. I live Trondheim, and I was told that Christmas tradition in here is very strong. People celebrating Christmas, I mean before the Christmas day with passionately: singing, dancing, and doing gift-exchange.
I live in north of Europe, so I live closer to the Santa’s house, logically I can get gift easier and faster (Oh great, what I am thinking right now?)

Every Christmas, Trondheim has a special market, called Christmas market, though in some Europe’s country also have it also. For example France and Germany. How do I know? I got it from my friends in here. They are come from France and Germany (Of course! XD)

Christmas 2011

Christmas market in Trondheim city center or Julemarked i Trondheim (Norsk language)

Photo taken in 13 December 2011 (15.25)


Christmas market in Trondheim opened from 1st of December 2011-18 December 2011 (This year). What I missed was the opening ceremony. Even I would have been there, still I had got nothing the meaning because it was conducted in Norwegian :p. Ah well, At least I missed the atmosphere and the photo XD

In the weekend, this special marked caught crowded by people. It is a rare view, and so lucky can get this feeling, feeling that you are in the Trondheim city centre. Ah, you know what I mean :p

Being in here, as the international student involved even as a spectator, watching choir singing, feeling the coldness of Trondheim winter and even testing some free food 😀
I got some interesting experience in this event. What was that? Nah, maybe in the next blog. It was really suprising me.

Ah, Christmas in here such bring “something” to make this city become life and move on. It makes people in this city become “flowing like water”. Umm.. What does it mean? I can’t explain it, just bad analogy made by me :p
And it should be like that! This is really simple conclusion what Christmas presence should be.
Some of my friends said that, Trondheim in December will be very good, I mean not too stressed place to be lived, considering sun only shining from 10-14.30 if you are lucky, or in averagely you will get cloudy days. As an Indonesia people, I used to get 12 hours sun-shine which is.. really hot! Now I miss sun so much X(
In conclusion? It is dark all days, most of time I mean :p
When Christmas celebrated in here, people still meet each other, get touched each other and say “hallo” or “hvordan har du? (how are you)” to each other. It nice and bring warmth. It is in Chrismas month.
The next coming nightmare, January, where it will be just ordinary month, nothing special in it, except people who have birthday in that month, but of course it will be impossible for whole Trondheim residents got invitation in one man or woman or kid birthday XD
In the other side, coldness will be more and more not good to body
And the results? people are going to stay in their house as long as they can.. Avoiding contact to people outside… They will try to keep their health as priority.. Are they harsh? I don’t think so. It is human instinct.

So.. The remaining option for us to make our society better is trying to bring Christmas spirit in January 2012. Not only in January, but also the next month, and next month and next month and next month.. and so on!

Christmas, even it is not mentioned that Little Jesus born in 25th of December, but I am grateful we have Christmas as Christian tradition and in this recent years, most of people also involving and enjoying themselves in this celebration.

Umm.. In my humble opinion:
There is new hope and new spirit in Christmas each year
New hope that people will do something since they commit to have new spirit (For the people who commit into it, but I believe most of us have this dream-to be a better person)
And the new spirit is to give
Sooo… In conclusion,
The new hope to give!

Christmas is all about giving..

I can’t imagine if we bring this hope together into following year and so on!

So, let’s count Christmas in our finger!


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