un usual day…


hari ini benar2 seperti hari lain. Hari lain? Mang ada hari diluar Senin, selasa bla bla bla Minggu? Y ga ada la!

Memang, hari ini Jumat, tapi ada yang beda dengan hari ini. Ada sesuatu yang aneh. Realy Strange…..

And it was! That Friday, a day among 10 days examination, i faced vibration that friday. After 5 minutes worked, then *blink*.




Our classroom began to show their fang ^o^. There were so many noise in theater A.

Mau tau kelanjutannya?

Tindakaaaaaaaaannnnnnn Penyelamatan di lakukan!

“Pending!!!!!!!!!!!” said the teacher

“YesSSsSSS!!!” I said

Fiuhhhh…. This accident saved me. My preparation for this exam bad because what i learnt yesterday, just like a wind. And it blow away….

Thanks Lord…


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