“what is it?”

those word appeared in my mind when i read an article in jawapos newspaper this morning (Wednesday August 13 2008).

“Geger, Penyanyi Pembuka Olimpiade Beijing Palsu” in Bahasa Indonesia or in English “Opening Olympiade Song was counterfeit”.

there were two pictures in there, Lin Miaoke and Yang Peiyi. Ode to the Motherland, official olympiade
opening song which was sung by Lin Miaoke, was not her voice. It was said lipsynch and because lipsynch, widely critic from over the world aiming to China and decrease olympiade opening in China as the best and perfect olympiade opening ever.

if you see it opening ceremony, you will spellbound of its performance, and my opinion is absolutely amazing. so, why it can be happen and digrace in spectaculer ceremony?

Chen Qigang, ceremony music designer reveal the truth story. Chen said that Lin Miaoke chosen because its beautiful face and not because her singing ability. And the voice that make 91.000 audience hear was a voice of 7 years old with fat face and unregular tooth, Yang Peiyi. omg!

Chen’s decision to do lipsynch was push from communist leader. Dhen want to give the best for China.

Of course, because of Lin Miaoke performance, she become superstar in China and the whole world was publish her in the main headline!

Wang Liping, Peiyi’s teacher admit concerned about Peiyi who fail to sing in the Bird Nest, stadium for olympiade opening ceremony in China because only Peiyi’s appearance.

hmmm… it is too sad isn’t it?


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