GPA 4th semester is…


the first news that i would like to bribg to you is my GPA. What now? At that time, i just hope for a good GPA, at least, my GPA not being go down…

At least…

Finally, the day has come. nani? what???

So, for the reolving, i went to library for free internet ^_^, coz i don’t have a money at that time :). Registering my name and then, i check my GPA at

My heart can’t hold it… I feel it so fast anyway, especially in engineering mathematics II. I just hope for getting “A” instead “B” coz the previous engineering mathematics I, i got a very very bad score >_<

i get “A”! hurray!


electromagnetica and fluid mechanic, “BC”. This lesson i ad a big hope, and the fact , i fall…

hmmm… why? I dunnow cos i have given the best i can…


when i check out to teacher who responsible for the lesson, he don’t have any intention to give my actual score.

hmmm… i got mad! he was only said “So, do you doubt my credibilty?”

GOD!!! i just ask for the original score and he didn’t give it to me? what will happen if i asked for the answer sheet? Surely, he won’t give me! arghhhhh!!!

So, i think this is the reason why situation becoming like this (you know what i mean do you?)


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