hmmm… What is “hmmm” a real means?

Well, i’d like to change the header title of my blog. So i choose “hmmm…”

But i can’t describe in tagline what is “hmmm…” So anybody can help me to figuring it out?

Any suggestion appreciated. Thanks

Why i change my header title? The answers is in the next post! See ya!


3 thoughts on “hmmm… What is “hmmm” a real means?”

  1. hmmm……. hmmm is the word to express your feeling of thinking… like hmmmmm……. i don’t know what happened… but some people also use hmmmmm as yes also… which i think isn’t right….

  2. I hate the word hmm… Coz it always makes me wonder what the other person is thinking. Argh… Who? Who? WHo? Who created hat word, hmm.

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