Earth Inside – Shape Edition

Earth and other planet
Thanks to God that we live at here, Earth, because  our planet is a terrestrial planet (rocky body) and is the largest of the four solar terrestrial planets (What is the other planets? Admin don’t know. Please help me then…). Earth also has the highest density, the highest surface gravity and the strongest magnetic field. This is can hold us above the earth and not just let us flying in zero gravity.

Oblate spheroid is the shape of our earth, so it is not all-round. In center, called equator is bulge around (up to100 meters). Its diameter is 12.472 km. If you wan a specific value, take a calculator; 40.000 km/3.14 (Long enough huh? But it’s said that our artery if it extended outward, its length can be reached 5 times around Earth = 5 * 12.472= 62360 km! Amazing !).

Mount Everest and the Mariana Trench make a record that in that place, occur the largest deviations. The rotational of the earth creates equational bulge so that equational diameter is 43 km larger than the pole to pole diameter. If you want to the farthest place of the earth (Which means the farthest from the center of the earth), you must go to Mount Chimborazo, Ecuador. 

Picture of mount chimborazo

(Ohhhh, i hope i can get there and take a picture in Mount Chimborazo! Or if i request, can someone send me a picture him or her?) It is because a perfect ellipsoid that compared with Earth, which has a tolerance of abut one part in about 584 or 0.17% which is less that the 0.22% tolerance allowed in billiard balls (source: wikipedia).

Ok, this is for now. In the next time, we will go deeper in Earth! Hope this article make us have a better knowledge about earth, keeping our earth live so that we can open up a secret of the earth and we will say , “Awesome! Is it a miracle! Thanks Lord!”


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