What Is The Meaning Of Being A Friend? Part II

start and stop!!!

What is it? Maybe you think it was funny, but for me it was a grace so that i could be into it. This was occured 3 weeks ago and the object had been decided, my car >_<. When i start it, my car refuse to turn the engine. I’ve had tried it for a quarter hour and yhe result still same. What would i do? I said that time. I need to go home right now but my car became an obstacle. God, what can i do? Said me. And then, split in my head an idea to solve this problem, call mr. Acien. And who is he anyway? He is my dad’s friend, a good friend and a partner who welp my dad expanding Atoom Baru shop. Now a new question appear…. Will he help me? I dunnow because i call him in work hour. I was afraid that he won’t come to ITS. Here, again, God show a miracle and grace to me…… The meaning of being a friend is revealed to me…. (to be continued)    


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