Why should i write this article?

Earth from Apollo17

Why? Why earth? Is this interesting topic?

Of course!  The answer is “Yes!” and “No….”

Reason for “Yes”: It is because our home! Earth had been giving us wood, food, and place for shelters. Everything to make us still alive. It is God present. Earth has many beautiful secrets that had been wait for us since 4.54 billions years ago (from wikipedia). It’s old huh?!?! Deep of blue sea…. That just only one example…

Reasdon for “No”: It’s had been damaged since human invention, Industry Revolution. Machine has arise and pollution spread everywhere around the world. 03 or we call it Ozone, part of earth’s atmosphere, it is present in low concentrations. Our protector from space things such as meteor etc had been damaged… Don’t hope it reach its max vitality and gone… What will be gonna happen to us???? 

 Yes, from this categories i’ll explain step by step what is earth and its composition. Either you and me, must keep our earth safe! 


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