What Is Miracle (Part 2-Ending)?


The next day in his job become GOD, he do it very well, but for his advantages only…. Making his friend being fired, increase his performance and don’t care his surrounding… egoist… What happen next? Judgement day has came! Shout people in all corner of the world… Bruce feel guilty and he surrender to GOD… Admit that he can’t control earth…
What point we can take from story above? Every second that has passed in our life is miracle. Chance that we can stand while reading this blog is miracle, watching sun set is miracle even looking baby can walk for the first time is miracle…. You know? Bruce become so egoist because hi is possessed with greed. Human always bewail their life. They feel not enough for what exist in his own (me too). We can’t blame ourself. It is human nature. What we can do is trying… Believe HE will help us like what JESUS did…. Remember friend, always give thanks…  


2 thoughts on “What Is Miracle (Part 2-Ending)?”

  1. Hello Dre, how are you?… I want to tell you: “how can I change the world, coz I sure can change your mind, where is I need a miracle now??”

  2. I’m fine in here. Thanks. What do you mean by “how can I change the world, coz I sure can change your mind”? I didn’t understand it. Too complicated ^_^. Where you can meet miracle when you need it? You can see it by looking people that can’t get university degree when you can take it, looking people that has a same age with us that they must working and we can receive money fromour parents, looking someone that its part of body broken and we still complete. That’s a miracle.

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