mounting cd-rom and flash disk

In windows, machine will automatically mounting
But in linux you have and don’t have to mount it by yourself. Have to mount it means if you want to know how mounting process And don’t have means if you don’t habe any time. But mostly distro let it be mounted by the machine, so you just sit and relax. But, if you want to know, there i will tell you

mounting cdrom

First as usual, log on as root, then type this

root@name:/home/username# mount (cdrom or dvdrom that containing the cd) //simple way: wait until it autoplay by itself

then enter it, you can access it now! If you have done, type once times

root@computername:/home/username# umount (cdrom or dvdrom that containing the cd)//simple way: right click on the cdrom or dvdrom that containing cd then right-click-eject. 

mounting flashdisk

Login as root. for the first time: make folder in /mnt/usb. It used as the “the media storage” for a while. We will access it from this point

root@computername:/home/username# mkdir /mnt/usb

then mount it

root@computername:/home/username# mount /dev/sdb /mnt/usb(*)

(*) the mounting point from flash disk is being moved to the folder that we have been made. To enter it, use this

root@computername:/home/username# cd /mnt/usb

You also can access it from /dev/sdb.

To mount it, try this

root@computername:/home/username# umount /mnt/usb

Finish! If you plug your flash disk again, you don’t need to repeat the process from the above, just from where you try to moving the mounting point (*)


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