The Christmas –Output-2

Huff huff huff huff… that’s how my breath when christmas occured at ITS. I can’t sit down in chair. What i have done is running and running. Really! i was really tired that day. Until the -3 hours before christmas had begun, i was taut, sweaty, and my heart beat faster. Just before 10 minutes the drama play, i begged mercy to HIM so that HE gave us power! To give HIM all of what we had and also never and ever steal his glory that must be received by HIM. Really, it was so hard put aside and throw our ego… Like man, every man wanted his or her name be known by every people who and especially when we do something important and then lot of people will say “wow! you did a very great job!” And…. we don’t want to did this. Really, we just want every people who came to christmas celebration only see HIM, who blessed us, from the worship leader, singers, musician, drama player and also all committee. I can’t imagine what will happen if one of us want to show off his or herself…. our christmas will be ruined. But i really thanksful to HIM… we, all HIS servants want to lay down our ego into HIS foot. Do you know what happened? Awesome! This christmas was blessed. We feel it. Thanks lord! We can’t do this by ourself. Because we believe, this christmas celebration is not for us… This for YOU, the KING of king and LORD of lord. I am so grateful… Thanks LORD, YOU have given me the best people that YOU had prepared it before… I know, HIS time is exact. It’s proved by all HIS servants, you can read my blog before… and when i want to go home, i listen radio and this radio was playing a song… ETERNAL FATHER (BAPA YANG KEKAL)

Kasih yang sempurna telah kutrima dariM-I have received YOUR perfect love
Bukan karena kebaikanku-Not by mine
Hanya oleh kasih karuniaMU-But only by YOUR grace
KAU pulihkan aku-YOU recovered me
Layakkanku tuk dapat memanggilMU, BAPA-Making me can call YOU, FATHER


KAU bri yang kupinta…-YOU give anything i ask
Saat kumencari kumendapatkan…-when i search i get it
Ku ketuk pintiMU-i knock YOUR door
Dan KAU bukakan-And YOU opened it
Sbab KAU BAPAKU, BAPA yang kekal…-Because YOU are my FATHER, ETERNAL FATHER

Takkkan KAU biarkan-YOU have never and ever
Aku melangkah hanya sendirian-I walk alone
KAU selalu ada bagiku-YOU always be there for me
Sbab KAU BAPAku-Because YOU are my FATHER

Beautiful song and lyrics isn’t it??
This song is my favourite…


nb: this song originally in Indonesian… I translate by my own in ENGLISH. If there are many mistake, please send your email to Thanks


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