the christmas…. START

Wow… Today is the H-day. Want to know my feeling? I am so happy + nervous. I think, i can’t handle this alone…. luckily, i’m not alone. I have friends right? hehehe, but the most powerful power that i have it is HIM who live in my heart. I believe from


Jesus: everything;

His Grace, His plan, surrender:double;

friends in Jesus: God Servants;

i : integer;

His glory : eternal;


His Plan:=wonderful;

His grace:=awesome;

surrender:=His power appear;

writeln(‘input the God servants ‘) 

readln(friends in Jesus)

 for i=0 to His glory do


success:=His plan+His grace+friends in Jesus+bowing down+surrender+surrender+surrender;


writeln(‘and the result is ‘,success)

writeln(‘ciayoooooo!!!! ganbatte!!!!! ameeennnnn!!!!’)



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