Changing Your Work Place

How to change or moving to other directory?

You can access this command wether tou are usual user. If you log in as root, you can do it too. If you want to move from, said /home to /mnt, type this

user@computername:/home cd /usr

Only like that! It’s simple isn’t it?

You can move deeper to it folder, example

user@computername:/home cd /usr/include

If you hasbeen in /usr, and you want to enter its folders, type this

user@computername:/usr# cd include

See the difference? Yap! There is no backslash in front of include if you had been in /usr. It’s different when you want to enter folder include from /desktop.

ask: I don’t remember what are containing in the folder /usr! Please help me!
Answer: Just type ls (list). It will make the folder showing up what’s on there, include files and folders. Usually, the blue font refers to folder, and white file, green is executeable extension. I don’t sure about the color yet, what’s its refers to. If you know better thann me about this, please send me a message at Thanks a lot

Warning: Space is so sensitive in here. Please attention for this one! Your command line will show error if you don’t obey this rule!


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