Super User / root

What is that? If you just open terminal then you will see like this


try to type this

username@computername:~$su // Making me towards as root. i use knoppix v5 when did this. Each distro has different, but on generally, it’s same. As                         example, ubuntu use sudo 

then appear…


fill it as you first time asked for password when you installed linux to your harddisk. But don’t worry, when you try to type something and your monitor don’t show up something, it’s not your fault. It’s their process, hiding your password. Just type your password and hit enter. If your password correct, you will see like this


Then, what’s the different? In ROOT or SUPER USER, you CAN MODIFY ANYTHING… deleting, copying, installing, removing, etc. But if you just as USUAL USER, you can’t modify anything. The analogy is, you are the foreigner who come to your neighborhood country, of course you can’t have the same rights with the local resident isn’t? That same with this. Then, i hope this useful for you who are linux newbie!


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