My first Blog

Hello everybody… This is my first blog after very long time that i wrote my last blog. Ok, now i’m just want to share what i,ve got for the last 3 – 4 months ago. Here we are : 1. Linux…. This operating system really-really make me embittered. But, i’m not linier with what i’ve wanteed for so long. it was so difficult to me to learn them. How to install linux’s program, confusing on how to konquer the black window (terminal-command line)–if you don’t recognize what is command line, see my blog in (). I’m still finding difficulty on my flash disk, i can’t write on it. When i tried to do that, appeared box said “wrong type of fs…. bla bla bla” I have log on as root… Just making me crazier than before… The other problem, i couldn’t access harddrive that had a type FAT32. So many problems huh????  Please!!! Somebody help me!!! 2. Not only bad news. I have my good news too. I found  an interesting article in INFOlinux, “remote windows from linux” that the header said… Awesome!! This is what i need!!! (if you want to know, i’ll tell you later) Recently, i need to look up my windows and my linux-knoppix 5.1. I just dreamed to get any software that could making me operate both of them. Sometimes i have to restart to login in linux. Sometimes, after checking up my linux, then i need to log on to windows. What uneffectively!!! But, thanks God! i can find the solver! Hope this can making me better in linux. Well, i think today is done. if i have any interesting article, i’ll publish it. Ok Sayonara!!!  


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