Sight in a month

Four days ago is my 30 days away from home-16000 km. The first days I arrived here, there were snow everywhere and I had to cope with them for two weeks at least. I was bit worried not by the coldness, but by its surface which can give me fall probability increase. It was hurt as hell!

Snow everywhere

Snow everywhere

So the first three weeks, I stayed in my friend’s place. I am gracious to have his kindness over me. We had nice fellowship and conversation in the night and morning after. Most of the time, I shared with him what I had been doing in one day, both happiness and sadness, and I felt really glad after sharing all of these feelings, realizing that I am not alone. The week after, I have to move out to my permanent place, at least for a year. Fortunately, I have a new great flatmate in here :)

The first days in the university were nice. I am assigned in the office I have been dreaming: It is in the electrical buidling, a glass house close to the Stripa and Hovedbygningen.

Electrical engineering building

Electrical engineering building

Several things I have to settle first, including introduction with my project as well as preparation for the research proposal. Both of my supervisors are busy to the climax at the moment, so I have to organize everything by myself for this moment.

My desk

My desk

The desk I have was not organized very well, from the racks and the cupboards, as well as the bottom part. It had malfunction CPU, it hold one CPU and monitor from the MBE lab, lot of samples, many files on the racks, a pair of sandal and shoes, broken cupboards and unidentified things inside it, and scattered office tools. Nah, the most annoying thing was selecting magazines, papers, books and other things from the cupboards to be thrown away to garbage. They were indeed heavy.

Another side of my desk

Another side of my desk

For a while, I had to use my mid 2009 macbook pro in my office. Recently, I had it connected with 24″ inch HP LCD. A bit of organizing the cables was annoying, since I have to went down, at the bottom of the desk and stood up again, just to make sure the cables. The first stage of cleaning has finished anyway!

I did some cleaning in some areas, reporting a broken cupboards to vaktmaster, proposing for new computer. After two weeks or so, they came. Another action to organize these things has been done: re-organizing the new machines, as well as putting the cables to their place andddd bringing my macbook pro home with me . Now, these equipments are sitting in the place I wanted and I can sit comfortably as long as I want!



Due to the large screen I had in my office, I was thinking to have one also in my flat. Luckily, I found 20″ acer and it sits nicely with my macbook pro :)

Live is never been easier like this if you have a large screen!

Hungry T-Rex

Hungry T-Rex

I found good accompany while I study: Hungry T-Rex! I have no idea why I want it on my desk, sitting next to my computer, but it looks nice :) Time to hunt down for another model!

Now I understand the feeling of having secure in my feet! What I mean is that, the comfortability you have while walking during the rain. Last week, I had my Viking shoes broken, actually started from middle of 2012, but it was not that bad like it is. So, I think I can handle those water coming in, penetrating through the broken membrane in my shoes, but in fact I can’t hold it any longer added with crazy weather over Trondheim, where this city got rain all days long in a week. I got blister on my feet and I felt a quite pain in my feet. No, I think it is more than blister, it is dermatitis, a skin inflammation. So, the day after I had climax for my frustration, I went to the shop with my friend to buy a new shoes, Crispi, more expensive than I thought, but I think it is good enough for next 2 years, at least they warranty it. Ahh… Now I know it is nice to have warm feet :)

Well, that is for now. I have no idea what I will have for upcoming month, but I am looking forward to it!

Knowledge at its best

Hi all,

All of us have been educated for many years, both in formal education institutions (elementary school up to university) and informal institution, err… community to be precised.

Have we ever been wondered, what is the point of the education we had in the formal institutions? In a straightforward way of speaking, it supposed to be benefitting the society we are living, directly or indirectly.

In my opinion, knowing and understanding something is not enough. Learning is fun, but making it more helpful, or able to utilize it for the people has its own satisfication. It feels like bringing me up to the advanced level. After all, those will become a new knowledge.

All the researchers do the same. They will learn things (read journals and try to absorb the experience as much as possible) from the past and present, try to understand it, and then start to think how to develop them into something that useful for the human kind.

Not only matters related to the research fields, all the people outside this area, I am sure that they have the same objectives.

I remembered with one occasion where my 3.5-year-old cousin had the ability to spell, from a-z. He succeeded in spelling the words, but was not able to pronounce it correctly. Instead, he screamed the word he knew for that object. Here is the illustration:

Of course, without knowing how to use it :)

Of course, without knowing how to use it :)

So, with 1+1=2, what can you do for the goodness of the people around you?

All is brand new :)

Well, another year has passed, and I have not put my effort to write any single thing in this blog. My last writing was 7th of May 2013…

Yep, I feel bad for this

Anyway, 2014 has been passed for 4 months. I believe that nothing is too late to re-start another story for another new day, and to do that, I need new mind and I have conviction that new journey is waiting to be told and shared.

Therefore, from the simplest action I can do, I have changed the theme, re-name the header and completely change the tagline.

I hope I will find my new commitment to passionately write!

Hmmm… That feeling :))

Well folk, have you ever been in the state of thrilled sensation while watching picture being drawn? Yes, I have!

To give you an illustration, watch this movie:

Recently, I read an article in bbc ( The writer gave that thrilled sensation as “tingling around our scalp”. So, the term of this feeling, called “autonomous sensory meridian response” comes from British journalist Rhodri Marsden.

Indeed! This explanation satisfies me after I have went through this feeling for almost my entire life :)


Hmmm… The animation made from atom?

Yes! It has 25 nm by 45 nm in length and width. Unbelieveble!

The IBM made this possible, and the creator of this animation said that he wanted the students as well the children from whole over the world know about this.

But anyway, watching animation under microscope is not convenient at all :)


Hmm.. Interesting indeed!

My name is Andreas and I am proud of it! :)

The title should be, “My name is Andreas and I am proud of it! By the way, I am Indonesian, not Norwegian”

Anyway, the title should be short, right? The point of this article should be the last sentence :D

As usual, today I had a lab activity in NTNU nanolab, doing a measurement of Hall bar height, measuring the dimension of my sample and having a short demonstration of SEM machine. All were going well, and no error or anything regarding the sample which I have grown and processed it started a month ago. NTNU nanolab showed its magnificent equipment again today to me, in which I, as a “villager” of technology or we called “ndeso” in Indonesian (the word comes from “desa” meaning “village”) :p

Starting with the profilometer, a machine used to measure the height of the Hall bar. At a glance, it looks like a microscope. The difference only located in the existence of the tip as a probe to the sample. It is soo small, so that I can break easily. In this machine, I managed to get the precised measurement of the three dimensions of my sample. From the top is the metal part, the middle part is the etched result and the bottom part is just merely a substrate (Hope I am not wrong. I will let you know if I make a mistake). How much this machine does cost actually?

The second machine I used was the light microscope. Err, of course with high resolution. This where my stupidity came. Since the one of the lab activity of today was to introduce the SEM machine, I just spontaneously said to the teaching assistant, “Is it SEM?” XD


Finally, the last machine was the SEM machine, produced by Hitachi and it was awesome! This was my interaction for the first time with the SEM machine, and I have to say it was great! Since it uses electron instead of light, the machine gives much higher resolution compared with the light microscope. In this machine, I had opportunity to see my sample under magnificent magnification and I was able to notice the height difference from it by tilting little bit of the sample holder. After that, I analyzed the sample, and by just one click, the computer gives lot of information concerning the atomic composition the the sample. OMG!

Sadly, I forgot to save the SEM picture, just as my own documentation. Hfft.. Probably, I will do that in the future :p

Oh yeah, the teaching assistant asked where I came from. I replied to him that I come from Indonesia. Suprisingly, he thought that I was adopted and became a Norwegian, since my first name is Andreas, and my last name is Liudi Mulyo, which is not “European” taste. Ah, 30% of Norwegian thought that I was adopted when I was kid, lol

After I explained to him that “Andreas” is Indonesian name, adapted from Dutch, he understand better than before. And in the end, he concluded,

“Ah, I see.. Your parents must have known that you will be in Norway someday, so they gave you this name when you were born.”

Lol, I am laughing when heard his statement.


My name is Andreas, and I am proud of it!

By theway, I am Indonesian, not Norwegian :p